Research Excellence

Scientific excellence is one of the strong assets of Cyprus and necessarily lies at the heart of national R&I strategy. Promoting, recognising and rewarding research excellence, while developing a critical mass of high-quality human base in science and technology, enables the development of cutting-edge technologies and leading research performance at institutional and national levels.

The aim of shaping a sustainable system of academic and research excellence, based on leading international institution standards can be achieved by:

  • Developing research infrastructures of international excellence, in selected strategic focus areas for the country, making them open and accessible to the research and business community
  • Investing in research human capital that will create a supply stream of scientists and professionals to the national R&I system
  • Reviewing and re-evaluating existing academic and research units and their institutional frameworks, especially in publicly funded institutions, taking into consideration their performance and potential and adopting a national institutional, performance based funding systems
  • Promoting mechanisms for career development of academic / research staff on the basis of excellence, exploitation of research and attracting private funding
  • Focusing on excellent and impactful research
  • Continuing to support basic, “blue skies” research, maintaining a balanced approach between research activities with a medium- to short-term potential impact
  • Promoting openness and transparency in research, ensuring that research and innovation, particularly the part supported by public funds, has the maximum possible impact, enhancing accessibility, transparency and cooperation
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